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Sure we all play video games, but what about online games? Unlike video games, these are free, and the selection is nearly endless. Click on the talk about it button to discuss great online games and find some fun games to play.


New Game, Play if your suffering From extreme boredom, or you're just a regular person!

Okay, so I'm running around on the web, playing video games at four in the afternoon. your typical tuesday right? Suddenly an ad pops out at me, I click on it and see the glory That is GLADIATUS! OK, I over exaggerated there a bit, but this game is pretty fun. If you want, go check it out. I'm currently a lvl 4, and my name is Tyden. Thanks!


Oh and While your at it, visit my guild's website!



LOL! Look at this guys, this is a


Picture of a so called Guitar Hero Mario Mix!

Again: LOL!


Our Triumvirate! (cool word choice huh?)

HeY tHeRe! Well, those of you who don't know this blog very well, I want to share some crucial info with you. If you don't already know Me, Mas0o0n & Synonymous are somewhat of a team. Each of us has a blog, mostly centered around video games. So go ahead, click on their profiles above. C'mon, They're cool!


Through The Fire and The Flames!

One of The greatest songs ever, Through The Fire and The Flames, AKA the HARDEST song on Guitar hero three, Is on The Best Over The Rest! Play it below. Play it Mortal!


Awesomest Thing Ever

Okay, you gotta check this out. I bet many of you have heard of it : the mosquito. It's a sound that many people have on their cell phones. It's a noise played at an extremely high frequency and when played, it's not hearable by MOST adults. Don't beleive me? Try it. But be careful, to sensitive ears, this can be irrritating. Go ahead, play the clip below.

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Seen The New Sections?

Well in case you haven't seen, I've expanded the blog!! We now have two seperate sections, one devoted to youtube videos, the other- to flash games. So what are you still doing here? Go- CHECK IT OUT!


Ragdoll Avalanche 2!

This is an awesome game! Play it and post your score in the talk about it section!

Ragdoll Avalanche 2

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THe Best Over The Rest YouTube videos!!

Alright, as you came in today you might have seen a little link below the car pictures that said: The Best Over The Rest YouTube Videos! Well, this little link contains a lot of goodness, if you don't believe me, click on it! This link leads you to another part of The Best Over The Rest that has several AWESOME youtube videos just waiting for you to watch! So go ahead, check it out. It's SWEET!